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Why You Need to Take Care of Yourself at Work

Posted on September 15, 2016

  People cope with problems the best way they know how. The unfortunate truth is that there are millions of people who are facing stress-related problems whether at work, home, or another significant area in their life, while there are thousands of websites that cater to precisely these problems. Life has never been simple but things in today’s world have in some ways become infinitely more complex than before, somehow sprouting the kind of problems that generations in the pastRead More


In the Search for Silence

Posted on September 8, 2016

  ‘The search for meaning, much like the search for pleasure, must be conducted obliquely. Meaning ensues from meaningful activity.’ – Irvin D. Yalom, Psychiatrist     What does silence feel like, look like, sound like? Think not of the eerie kind, but rather the kind that gives you comfort, relief, and pleasure – like standing under a waterfall or your head sinking into your pillow after a hard day’s work, or that special rhythm that beats within your bodyRead More


Stress – How Much is Too Much?

Posted on September 1, 2016

  Stress manifests physically in the form of a variety of unpleasant sensations ranging from headaches, tension in the muscles, high blood pressure and irritable bowel movements to pain in the chest, insomnia and excess sweating (among other things). One of the things that make the body one of the smartest mechanisms in the universe is its ability not only to detect when something is going wrong but also to transmit this information to our consciousness through the presence ofRead More


Feeling Stressed Often? This Article is for You!

Posted on August 2, 2016

  Stress; everyone has it, everyone complains about it, and everyone feels the brunt of it. We have heard many people complaining, “I can’t take this stress anymore” or “this is too stressful.” However, how many of us actually take charge of this silent killer?   Defining stress is not easy. It affects different people in different ways. Some people are better equipped to handle stress than others do. In the rare event of a threat, humans instinctively have aRead More